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Why use a Baby Lounger? | Cushii

Why use a Baby Lounger? | Cushii

Why use a baby lounger?

30 clever ways to use your Cushii Lounger

Becoming a new mum brings so much joy, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges.

And you’re quickly starting to look for clever ways to make your parenting journey smoother, more enjoyable, and somewhat hands-free.

Baby loungers, like the Cushii Lounger, are your versatile game-changer for life with a newborn. They make your new-mum days easier, more comfortable, and simply more enjoyable.

But before we get stuck in, let’s get back to basics.

What exactly is a baby lounger?

A baby lounger is a specially designed cushioned space that supports babies with a secure and comfortable area to rest, play, and observe the world around them.

Usually lightweight and portable,like the Cushii, these loungers are crafted to contour to a baby's body with optimal support for their head, neck, and back.

While they serve as a cozy resting spot, baby loungers also create a safe environment for supervised playtime, tummy time, and interaction.

They have become a staple in modern parenting, bridging the gap between functionality and comfort for little ones.

Baby Lounger brand Cushii answers the question why use a baby lounger and shares 30 clever ways to use one.

Why use a baby lounger, you ask?

Because it’s not just for lounging!

We have compiled a list of 30 clever ways to use a baby lounger, like the Cushii, to transform your approach to mum life on a daily basis and spark your ideas:

  1. Breastfeeding station
    Create a cozy, supportive spot for nursing your little one, and give your arms a break.

  2. Tummy time helper
    Place your baby on their tummy for some crucial muscle-building and developmental playtime.

  3. Nappy change station
    Keep your baby secure and comfy during nappy changes, even on the go.

  4. Baby massage zone
    The Cushii's soft, supportive surface is perfect for a relaxing massage session.

  5. Sensory play hub
    Encourage your baby to explore toys, colours, and textures from the comfort of their lounger.

  6. Outdoor companion
    Pack up the Cushii for park picnics, beach days, or backyard hangouts.

  7. Reading nook
    Introduce your baby to the joy of stories and books in a calm, comfortable setting.

  8. Sibling bonding space
    Let big brothers or sisters spend quality time with their new sibling on the Cushii lounger Encourage older siblings to interact with the new baby by positioning them near the Cushii Lounger.

  9. Yoga buddy
    Keep your baby close while you stretch and strengthen during your at-home yoga sessions.

  10. Office sidekick
    Need to catch up on some work? Your baby can lounge by your side while you tackle your to-do list.

  11. Mealtime assistant
    Enjoy family meals with your baby safely nestled in their Cushii Lounger.

  12. Picnic Partner
    Take the lightweight and portable Cushii Lounger on your next picnic. Enjoy some hands-free moments while your baby lounges nearby, safe and happy.

  13. Travel companion
    Bring your Cushii lounger on vacations or road trips for a familiar, comforting space for your baby.

  14. Music appreciation space
    Expose your little one to different genres of music from the comfort of their Cushii.

  15. Bath Time Assistant
    Keep your Cushii Lounger nearby during bath time. It's a convenient spot to place your baby as you prepare their bath or gather fresh clothes.

  16. Laundry buddy
    Tackle the never-ending laundry pile with your baby close by in their lounger.

  17. Self-care spot
    Pamper yourself with a home spa day while your baby relaxes nearby in their Cushii.

  18. Date night concierge
    Enjoy a romantic night in with your partner while your baby snoozes nearby

  19. Movie night lounge
    Create a comfy spot for your baby to watch their first family movie night.

  20. Kitchen helper
    Cook or bake with your baby in tow, safely nestled in their Cushii Lounger.

  21. Socializing station
    Catch up with friends over coffee while your baby lounges nearby, ready to join the conversation.

  22. Playdate lounge:
    Set up a comfortable lounge area for babies during playdates with other mums and their little ones.

  23. Photography prop
    Use your Cushii baby lounger as a prop for your adorable monthly milestone photos.

  24. Safe docking station
    Whenever you need to answer the door or phone, the lounger provides a comfy & safe spot for your bub.

  25. Stargazing spaceship
    Under supervision, let your baby gaze at the stars during a calm evening from the comfort of their Cushii.

  26. Beach shell
    With appropriate shade, your baby lounger can be your baby's beach resting spot while everyone enjoys their day out.

  27. Language lounge
    Help your bub familiarise themselves with the various sounds of language while relaxing in comfort and style.

  28. Bird-watching home base
    Place the lounger near a window and let your baby observe the outside world.

  29. Storytelling base
    Read a book or tell your bub’s favourite tales as they unwind in their Cushii Lounger.

  30. Gift for new parents
    The Cushii Lounger makes the perfect present for new babies and the best baby shower gift.

Still wondering why you need a baby lounger like the Cushii?

From providing a soothing resting spot to providing new mums with precious hands-free moments in their daily lives, these 30 practical ways to use your Cushii Lounger empower any parent or carer to embrace parenthood with confidence and style.

Baby Lounger brand Cushii answers the question why use a baby lounger and shares 30 clever ways to use one.


Explore the Cushii range today and discover how it can transform your parenting journey.


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