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The Survival Guide for life with a Velcro Baby | Cushii

The Survival Guide for life with a Velcro Baby | Cushii

Loving a Velcro Baby

The survival guide for life with a clingy baby

We expect to support our tiny humans with cuddles and snuggles, especially over the first few months. It comes with the job description, right?

But for some new mums the extent of the cuddles becomes never-ending. And the constant snuggles go so far that they’re permanently attached because bubbay simply won’t let go. It’s all-absorbing and leaves no room for precious pockets of ME time. 

And eventually sheer exhaustion settles in.


If that sounds all too familiar, then chances are you’re blessed with a velcro baby:

Velcro babies are newborns and infants who are unusually clingy, don’t want to be put down and will fuss until they’re reunited with their favourite personmum. 


As challenging as reality with a clingy baby can be, the sooner you accept your baby’s need for closeness and embrace it, the easier life will become for both of you.

We’ve come up with a list of lifestyle adjustments that will satisfy your bub’s increased need for 1:1 time and give you more YOU time among #newmumlife.


Loving a velcro baby - the Cushii survival guide for life with a clingy baby.

 pic: @mysticallycrystal

Invest in a baby carrier

What Velcro babies really crave is physical contact with their mumma. That’s where babywearing and the many practical solutions out there can make a real difference to your daily routine. Whether you go for baby carriers, ring slings or wraps, all of them allow you to be mobile while bub soaks up snuggles with you.

Fall in love with the Cushii Baby Lounger

The portable Cushii Baby Lounger comes in handy whenever you simply need 5 minutes of YOU time, a quick break from wearing your baby or priceless hand-free moments. The softly contoured mid section of the Cushii Baby Lounger makes your baby feel snug as a bug and let’s you get on with your to-do list with baby firmly by your side. It’s the next best thing to a mum snuggle! 


Get out into nature

The stimulating environment of the outdoors is a great way to distract from the need for mummy and allow your partner to take over. All the sounds, smells and sights will distract your tiny human long enough for you to get a well-deserved break. It will also give your partner precious bonding time with your little one.


 Loving a velcro baby - the Cushii survival guide for life with a clingy baby.

 pic: @mysticallycrystal


Accept your baby’s personality

It’s tempting to compare your baby to your bestie’s tiny human who happily entertains themselves for the entire playdate. Every baby is different and comes with a unique personality from a very young age. Blink and you’ll have a toddler who’s rather independent so embrace your velcro existence while it lasts.

Ask for help

A velcro baby will always prefer you, but precious moments to yourself need to be a firm part of your agenda. That’s where those around you need to step up and take over. Gradually warm your baby to other family members or a regular babysitter who can take over when you need to step out for an appointment or it’s time for a long-overdue break.

Sometimes it’s safer to step away

Some days when your velcro baby is extra fussy, things can easily become overwhelming. Whenever things get too much, place your baby in a safe spot (like the Cushii Baby Lounger) and give yourself a moment to calm down. Babies cry and sometimes that means fussing for a moment to allow mum room to breathe.

Loving a velcro baby - the Cushii survival guide for life with a clingy baby.

 pic: @tiarnecarney 


Find a mum and bub activity

Socialising is incredibly important as a new mum, especially if you’re faced with a velcro baby who’s attached to you 24/7. Find a mum and bub class that gets you out of the house so you can spend quality time with other parents all while bub’s firmly by your side. It’ll save your sanity!

Gradually train your baby for separation

Slowly warm your baby to the idea of spending snippets of time without you. Here’s a tip: Place them in a Cushii Baby Lounger in the room next door and talk to them from the hallway before returning to a big cuddle. It’ll teach your velcro baby that you always return and get you a step closer to more independence.

Comfort them with a familiar smell

During their next tummy time session, try placing a familiar object or a piece of your clothing with your smell next to your velcro baby. It’ll give you a moment to yourself while your tiny human builds up their strength in familiar safety.


Loving a velcro baby - the Cushii survival guide for life with a clingy baby.

 pic: @tylermareephotographyperth 

Establish a trusted routine

Work out an ‘exit strategy’ that signals to your baby that mummy’s going to leave. Whether that’s a kiss, a certain cuddle or something you whisper, it’ll give your velcro baby all the right cues to anticipate what’s about to happen.

Remember: You can’t spoil a baby

Parenting a velcro baby often comes with unwanted advice from family, friends and even strangers. You know your baby best. And you know how to support your baby’s increased need for closeness. How you do that is entirely up to you. And nobody else!

Velcro babies can be challenging, but with a few sneaky tricks bub and you will work out a take on life that gives you both what you need. #winwin

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