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The Top 15 Podcasts for Expectant and New Mums | Cushii

The Top 15 Podcasts for Expectant and New Mums | Cushii


As soon as we embark on the journey of motherhood our lives change.

And one realisation quickly sets in:

We have to be clever.

About how we spend our time, how we consume content and how we invest the precious minutes between naps wisely.

And podcasts certainly play a huge role in keeping up with the world and feeling inspired.

We love the fact that they’re snackable topics you can tune into during a walk, while doing the dishes or in the car.

Here is our list of the top 15 podcasts for expectant and new mums like you so you don’t have to track them down.


The Top 15 Podcasts for Expectant and New Mums

Australian Birth Stories
Tune in to weekly interviews with mothers giving their first-hand accounts of childbirth in Australia. Each episode is designed to educate and inform first-time pregnant women with a mix of entertaining and heartfelt resources for pregnancy, labour, delivery and postpartum.

Parental as Anything
This ABC podcast features Maggie Dent, one of Australia's favourite parenting authors and educators. She shares her tips as a mother of boys and answers real-world parenting dilemmas with her common-sense approach to raising kids of all ages today.

Birth, Baby & Beyond
This podcast is perfect for expectant and new mums preparing for life as a parent. The host Cath Curtin is a midwife with over four decades of experience and she shares an uncut version of being pregnant, giving birth and the challenges of parenthood. The realistic yet gentle conversations inform and prepare you for the big unknown.

This ABC podcast shares the roller-coaster ride of parenthood with all its exhausting, exhilarating and emotional side effects.

The Top 15 Podcasts for Expectant and New Mums


Motherland Australia
This podcast shares an often untold side of motherhood within rural communities. It’s all about the real, raw and unbelievable stories of motherhood told by women on the land. You'll hear stories of grit, resilience, grief, and pure joy. 

Working Mumma
It’s one thing to welcome your bubba into your life, but there’s always the ‘and now what’. Working Mumma is a podcast aiming to help women juggle a career with motherhood and life.

Each episode focuses on tips, tricks and advice to support you on your journey, whatever that looks like for you.

Belly & Beyond
This podcast delivers inspiration, education and empowerment for new and soon-to-be mums. It wants to help mothers connect with their roots and shares ancient wisdom in the context of modern-day education. Belly and Beyond is the podcast for you if you want to choose the empowered path.

The Science of Motherhood
Want help unravelling and interpreting the latest research and evidence-based practices for pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood? In this podcast, Dr Renee White & Dr Micka Bertucci believe that knowledge is power. So they interview medical experts within their field to share relevant topics that can make a real difference to your motherhood journey.

The Top 15 Podcasts for Expectant and New Mums


Motherhood - A Beautiful Nightmare
Presenters Shanelle Franklin and Tamara Linke acknowledge that we, as mothers, are perfectly imperfect, overworked and seriously underpaid. But our ability to love is unlimited!

That’s why they’ve set out to help us navigate the steep learning curve of the urban mother trying to juggle all the things with off-the-cuff conversations to give us some breathing space.

Beyond the Bump
This podcast is aimed at everyday mums, just like you. Jayde Couldwell and Sophie Pearce create a space to have real discussions and ask real questions authentically and honestly. Each episode will hopefully make you feel somewhat lighter, more supported and more understood.

Is It Normal? The Pregnancy Podcast
Podcast host Jessie Ware uses each episode to speak to various experts she encounters on her personal pregnancy journey.

It’s Jessie's week by week account as she is joined by experts such as doctors, midwives, sonographers, anaesthetists or homebirth midwives to highlight all aspects of pregnancy and giving birth.

The Early Parenting Podcast
This podcast is your go-to for all things parenting in the early years such as baby and toddler sleep and settling, growth and development, toddler behaviour and breast and bottle-feeding.

Pick up practical tips in bite-sized episodes that help you understand and support your bub.

We interviewed podcast host Jen Butler on the Cushii Blog not long ago. Read all aboutThe Ultimate Survival Guide for your 4th Trimester on the blog.

The Top 15 Podcasts for Expectant and New Mums


Baby-Led Weaning Made Easy
Katie Ferraro is a Registered Dietitian, baby-led weaning expert and a mum of 7. Any other claims to fame we can add to the list?

In this podcast, Katie shares easy-to-implement infant feeding tips and tricks that will give you the confidence to start solid food safely.

RHC Kids Health Info
The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne has been ahead of the game for a long time. But this podcast takes things to a whole new level! 

It is based on the hugely popular RCH Kids Health Info fact sheets and explores common topics and concerns with relevant children’s health experts.

The podcast hosts are all paediatricians and mums so can relate to what keeps new mums up at night.

Childproof is a podcast about us parents and how we can raise kids without losing track of ourselves in the process. In each episode, host Yasmeen Khan dives into conversations and stories with fellow parents and experts.

Because as a journalist and fellow mum, she also openly struggles to navigate the huge responsibility of parenting and the shifts within ourselves.


The Top 15 Podcasts for Expectant and New Mums


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