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10 time-saving hacks for new mums that will save your sanity

10 time-saving hacks for new mums that will save your sanity

Time is always precious, but when you become a new mum every second turns into a treasured commodity. Give yourself permission to call on sneaky time-saving hacks that will not only save your busy mum schedule but also your sanity.

We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of clever shortcuts that will free up more time for you and bub and make you feel like you’re winning at mum life along the way. 

Let meal kits take the guess-work out of dinnertime

Meal kit delivery services have to be one of the most underrated time-saving hacks for busy new mums who are dealing with a screaming baby (yet again) and want one less thing to worry about. Meal planning for the week is a huge effort. Why not take a little time out when things are tough and let someone else do it for you? Luckily we’re spoilt for choice in Australia with high-quality meal kits such as HelloFreshMarley SpoonDinnerly and Youfoodz. It all comes down to budget and your personal taste! 


Learn the 10 time-saving hacks for new mums that will save your sanity
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Have your groceries delivered to the comfort of your home

Major retailers such as Woolworths and Coles have all been embracing the growing demand for convenient online shopping and happily deliver your weekly grocery supply to your doorstep. That means you can order online when you find a few spare minutes while bub’s asleep and have someone else in store do the hard work for you. No more rushing through the store because bub decided it was the perfect time for a nappy explosion and forgetting the tomato paste for the spag bol for dinner. #winning 

Cook like you’re a mum of 10

Know that feeling when it comes to witching hour (yet again) and you wish you cooked a double portion last night so you could enjoy the leftovers today? Make it a general rule to cook in bulk so you either have leftovers for the next day or can freeze what you’ve got left in portions for when you just can’t be asked to get the pan out. Cook once, enjoy over and over again. 



Tackle your house clean one room at a time...

Why does your house seem so much bigger as soon as it comes to the dreaded weekly house clean? We’ve got a new take on cleaning for you that’s bub and mum-friendly. Break everything up into smaller sections so you can take it on one room at a time. That sets you up with little wins along the way and helps you stay on top of things. We recommend resting your bub on the Cushii Lounger for a sneaky play with their toy arch while you can keep an eye on them. Never spend naptime cleaning again. We like the sound of that!

 ...Or hire a cleaner

Or if you just need extra time off because bub is going through a challenging developmental milestone, simply call in a cleaner to do it for you. You’ll be amazed how outsourcing small tasks can lift a massive weight off your shoulders. Even if it’s only a little luxury now and then.



Get your vitamin fix without the effort

Becoming a new mum challenges you in so many ways. Not resorting to unhealthy snacks over nutritious food is one of them. We say it’s perfectly ok to use time-saving new mum hacks to tick off your daily vitamin intake if that means you look after yourself and your health. We love the many convenient shortcuts out there that take the hassle out of a healthy diet. Among those are flavoursome ready-to-go smoothie mixes by  Smoothie Bombs orSuper Cubes and the DIY protein ball mix by Baller Blends. 

Let go of your pre-bub beauty routine in favour of a speedy alternative

Let’s face it. Once new bub arrives, having the time to tick off your morning beauty routine in peace and quiet is looking rather grim. (Unless you’ve opted for theCushii hands-free way of life, of course). But let’s get back on track. Finding beauty products that set you up with a fresh-faced mum routine without the effort can make all the difference to your morning schedule. And we all know that covering up the signs of a sleepless night works a treat for your self-confidence.


Learn the 10 time-saving hacks for new mums that will save your sanity

Make storage tubs your best friends

If you love your house neat at the end of the day (who doesn’t?), then get your hands on a shelf with plastic storage tubs that you can easily organise bub’s toys in. Rather than having different cupboards that small baby toys disappear in, these tubs keep all baby toys in one handy location and allow you to quickly return them once you’ve retrieved them from behind the sofa, under the fridge or car seat. Who knows how they got there in the first place?  

Chat with your mum friends while bub enjoys a feed

Finding time to catch up with your girlfriends takes some real effort when you’ve got a tiny human to keep alive. We’re all for chatting or calling anyone who lifts you up (or needs lifting up) while bub enjoys a bottle or breastfeed. You’re still close to bub, but nurture the relationships that are important to you at the same time. And you’re going to feel so much better for it! 


Learn the 10 time-saving hacks for new mums that will save your sanity

Have an ‘outing’ bag ready to go at all times and keep it replenished

Leaving your house with a new baby feels like packing for an overnight stay somewhere, right? To save yourself the headache of getting organised every time you head out, simply have one bag ready to go with bub’s essentials and a few key items for you (such as a clean top in case bub thinks you want to sample their food). It speeds things up immensely every time and takes the pressure off when you’re already running late because bub needed another nappy change AGAIN.


Learn the 10 time-saving hacks for new mums that will save your sanity


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