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Cushii® Out In The Wild - beachside hangs, the daily juggle and cutie Lucielle


We just love connecting with our Cushii community to find out first hand how young families are using the game-changing Cushii Lounger to rock the daily juggle with their tiny human.

To kick off ourOut In The Wild series, we caught up with Brooke Gabor and her gorgeous family from Sydney’s Sutherland Shire. She was kind enough to invite us for a sneak peak into their life with the Cushii and shared her first-hand experience with the realities of #mumlife.

Brooke and her husband Steven have known each other their whole lives and have spent the past 12 years scheming a future together as a couple. They recently welcomed their 4-months old daughter Lucielle and life couldn’t be better.

For Brooke the daily juggle is real. She splits her time between running her own businessDesigner Hire and raising a tiny human. She relies heavily on small hacks, like the Cushii Lounger, to make her day that little bit easier.

When life happens to hand them a breather, you’ll likely find them with sand between their toes on a local beach or soaking up downtime simply chilling out at home as a family.


Brooke Gabor shares her experience with the Cushii Lounger in our series Out In The Wild

Brooke, how has the transition into motherhood felt for you?

For me there’s definitely been a teething stage where I had to find my feet. At the same time I’ve really enjoyed it and feel like I’m adjusting well. One thing that quickly stood out for me was the importance of my village. During the first few months I’ve leaned on them a lot. I also took all the advice on board and accepted any help that’s been thrown my way. It’s made such a difference!

Was there anything that got you by surprise once gorgeous Lucielle joined your family? Was there anything you hadn't prepared for?

I definitely wasn’t prepared for just how physically exhausting breastfeeding would be. The amount of sleep I got between night feeds in the early days wasn’t too bad, but the whole experience and constant feeding was certainly draining. I always felt like I needed a nap!


Brooke Gabor shares her experience with the Cushii Lounger in our series Out In The Wild.

What are some of your favourite things about being a new mum?

Watching Lucielle witness every ‘first’. The first noises, her first laugh or the first time she rolled over. You are watching a human that you created see and do things for the first time. It’s just so special to see Lucielle so mesmerised by the simplest things. And the thought that you’re someone’s favourite person--well, second favourite person thanks to dad--is pretty awesome!

How has the Cushii Lounger been a game-changer in your daily routine?

Lucielle basically lived in the Cushii for the first few months. We live in a two-storey house, which makes it a logistical nightmare with a baby. I loved having the Cushii as a hang-out spot for my baby downstairs so that the bassinet could stay upstairs and we didn’t have to cart things back and forth. That meant I could simply move her throughout the house with me wherever I went and keep an eye on her.

Now that she’s getting older and has set nap times, I use the Cushii as Lucielle’s hangout spot when I cook dinner or quickly need to do something. That way she’s always by my side and I can have little chats with her while I have both hands free. It’s almost like she’s keeping an eye on us nowadays.


Brooke Gabor shares her experience with the Cushii Lounger in our series Out In The Wild.

What are your top 3 tips to help new mums survive the transition to #mumlife in the first few months?

  1. Use your village. If someone wants to help you, even with simple things, let them.
  2. Take on all advice even if you don’t like it. You never know what you can learn from those who’ve done it before you. It may teach you a thing or two. You’ll quickly find out that nobody is having a go at you and only has your best interest at heart. And one day you can pass on your own hacks to another new mum 
  3. Don’t lose yourself in motherhood and have something that is yours. Whether it’s going to get your hair or nails done, exercising or going for a run. Find a way to do something without your baby in tow. Not really possible in the early days of demand-feeding (unless you introduce the bottle) but once you find your way, carve out some time for you every single day.

Brooke Gabor shares her experience with the Cushii Lounger in our series Out In The Wild.

What other 'can't-live-without' baby items or general mum hacks would you share with your mama tribe?

For me acar capsule was a must. It made it so much easier to safely get Lucielle in and out of the car.

I also love ourstanding baby bath, which takes the stress off my back. It’s bad enough to lift Lucielle all day long as it is.

This one’s for the mums. Invest in a goodwater bottle that you can take with you wherever you go or when you’re breastfeeding your baby. It’s so easy to forget your water among the daily craziness!

Always have thebasic baby staples ready to go at home so you never run out. I’m talking baby wipes, nappy rash cream or nappies. Nothing worse than running out in the middle of the night. 

Brooke Gabor shares her experience with the Cushii Lounger in our series Out In The Wild.

If you want to share your own Cushii journey and #mumlife tips with our community, simply drop us a linehere.

We’d love to see your Cushii out in the wild.

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