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30 newborn hacks to help you rock life as a new mum

30 tried and tested newborn hacks to help you rock life as a new mum

Time to make parenting easier―one tip & trick at a time

Becoming a first time mum is incredibly exciting. But the 10 months of anticipation also come with a ton of questions.

There are countless resources online and offline that can set you up with advice. Some tips will turn out incredibly helpful while others will overcomplicate things unnecessarily.

Here at Cushii we’ve done the hard work for you with our top 30 tried & tested newborn hacks that ACTUALLY do the trick and help you rock life as a new mum.

Each of them will save you time, frustration and ultimately your sanity.


#1. Use the kitchen sink as baby bath

Rather than spending a small fortune on a baby bath you’ll only use for a few weeks, bath your baby in the kitchen sink. Might sound odd, but it’s the perfect size for a newborn and is also much kinder on your back. A win win for everyone.


#2. Apply coconut oil for cradle cap

Use coconut oil to soften any cradle cap and gently remove it with a baby brush or comb. It’s kind on bub’s scalp and a quick & easy fix for this too often lingering concern.


30 tried and tested newborn hacks to help you rock life as a new mum


#3. Fold the top of the nappy to help the umbilical cord heal

It can be tricky to keep the umbilical cord clean and hygienic in the first few weeks, especially in our warm Aussie climate. This one is a super simple newborn trick to speed up the healing process: Fold the top of the nappy down so it doesn’t sit over the tender umbilical cord stump and watch it heal in no time.


#4. Recharge your batteries while bub gets tummy time

Find a comfy spot for you to relax and rest your precious bub on the Cushii Baby Lounger next to you for their daily dose of tummy time. Not only does it give you both precious bonding time, it also treats your body and mind to a much-needed 5-minute break.


30 tried and tested newborn hacks to help you rock life as a new mum

#5. Apply nappy cream with a brush

Nappy creams can be super sticky. Instead of applying it with your hands, use a makeup brush or spatula instead so you don’t have to give your hands a hefty scrub after every nappy change.


#6. Ditch button-up sleep suits

Time is precious, especially during night feeds with a newborn. Choose zip-up sleep suits to make dressing and undressing your baby quick and easy. It’ll keep your baby sleepier and get you back to bed quicker.




#7. Buy a Haakaa breast pump

This breast pump does the hard work for you and is possibly the best way to maximise your feeding time. And we all know there’s plenty of that with a newborn! The Haakaa breast pump captures your letdown on one side while you feed bub on the other. Who said you can’t pump and feed at the same time?


#8. Set up nappy change stations around the house

Nappy explosions usually happen at the most inconvenient times and in the worst spots. Be clever about it and set up nappy change stations in a few key places around the house so you don’t have to go back to base every time.

30 tried and tested newborn hacks to help you rock life as a new mum

#9. Stock a breastfeeding kit

Most new mums quickly find their happy place to breastfeed. And once you’re set up in your familiar spot it can be really hard to get a sip of water or a healthy snack once your newborn is latched on. The easiest way to make sure you have everything you could possibly need is a breastfeeding kit that you keep stocked with all your essentials such as a full water bottle, a healthy snack and tissues.


#10. Prepare freezer meals for the first few weeks

We love to get on this newborn tip in the final weeks before your bub joins you. Use the last few weeks to gradually build up a freezer supply of healthy and nutritious meals so you don’t have to stress about cooking for the next little while.


30 tried and tested newborn hacks to help you rock life as a new mum

#11. Carry a burp cloth with you at all times

Bubs have a tendency to chuck without warning. So make sure you carry a burp cloth with you wherever you go, at least until you’ve worked out whether you’ve got a little chucker on your hands.


#12. Take naps whenever bub is napping

This one seems straight forward, but it’s often too tempting to tick things off your to-do list instead of soaking up some shuteye. Make this one a non-negotiable because the lack of sleep will eventually catch up with you.


30 tried and tested newborn hacks to help you rock life as a new mum.


#13. Make a Cushii Baby Lounger your best friend

As new mums, we often miss those precious moments of self-care the most. A morning coffee in peace and quiet or a shower without having to worry about bub are little luxuries that can make all the difference among the mayhem with new bub. The Cushii Lounger allows you hands-free time among the chaos of new mum life. All while bub’s lounging firmly by your side so you can keep them in sight knowing they are safe and secure. Shop the Cushii Baby Lounger here.


#14. Choose sleepsuits over fancy outfits

It’s so tempting to fall in love with fancy newborn outfits because they are too cute. But they’ll eventually let you down in the practicality stakes. Stick to trusted sleepsuits for the first few weeks at least and save yourself a fair share of headaches and hard-earned dollars.



#15. Restock your nappy bag when you come home

Running out of nappies or wipes when out and about is everyone’s worst nightmare. One you can easily avoid by simply restocking your nappy bag as soon as you come home from an outing.


#16. Rely on night lights to navigate the house at night

The last thing you want to do when bub is calling at night is wake the whole house by turning on bright lights. Strategically place night lights that you can plug straight into the powerpoint around the house so you easily find your way around and keep bub in sleep mode. 

 30 tried and tested newborn hacks to help you rock life as a new mum


#17. Stock up your pantry before bub arrives

As new mums, we’re always on top of replenishing any baby essentials. Let’s apply the same for pantry staples that will ultimately save our sanity and belly when things get somewhat overwhelming.


#18. Cut baby’s fingernails when they’re sleeping

No baby likes having their fingernails cut. That’s a simple truth. So why not outsmart your newborn and tick this to-do off your list just after bub’s drifted off to sleep. No more wrangling or wrestling a fidgety bub. 

 30 tried and tested newborn hacks to help you rock life as a new mum


#19. Change baby's nappy BEFORE the night feed

Starting with the nappy change will wake up bub ready for a decent feed and make sure they transfer straight back to bed once they’re milk drunk. And that means more sleep for mum and a fuss-free baby.


#20. Remember to take snaps of you and bub

You might feel too tired and it’s easy to write it off until tomorrow, but take the time to capture this special time. And make a conscious effort to make an appearance in the snaps so you’ve got mum and bub memories to look back on rather than a million shots of your smiling baby. 

 30 tried and tested newborn hacks to help you rock life as a new mum


#21. Always pack a change of clothes for bub AND you

Everyone tells you to pack a spare outfit for your baby, but don’t forget yourself in the process. Always pack at least 1 spare top to deal with any feeding accidents or spills.


#22. Pull the onesie DOWN rather than up

This one’s a great newborn hack to have up your sleeve when you’re faced with yet another poonami. Simply pull the sleepsuit down rather than up to contain the mess and keep bub content.


#23. Opt for a unisex nappy backpack

Not only are nappy backpacks more practical when out and about without a pram, hubby will also buy into it if you opt for a unisex design. Here at Cushii we’re big fans of hands-free moments, and a nappy backpack ticks all those boxes.


30 tried and tested newborn hacks to help you rock life as a new mum.


#24. Rely on a car emergency kit

We all know that nappy bags are crucial to successful newborn outings. But what if you forget to restock and run out of nappies? That’s where a car emergency kit comes in handy. Simply have a spare outfit for you and bub as well as a staple supply of wipes, nappy bags and nappies in your boot. It’ll save your life sooner than you think!


#25. Buy baby clothes one size up when they’re on sale

We’re all for clever shopping because newborns grow so quickly. That’s why it can pay off shopping one size up when your favourite outfits are on sale. It’ll save you money and give you a steady supply of ready-to-go clothes for when baby’s done with their next growth spurt.


#26. Seal the holes in baby bath toys

Squirty bath toys are great until they’re filled with mould. Get yourself a hot glue gun and seal the holes before the first use so that your bub can enjoy them without the yuckiness that usually settles in after only a few bath outings.



#27. Get bub’s night outfit sorted before bathtime

It totally pays off to be organised at nighttime. Before running the bath, grab the sleep suit and any creams, nappies, wipes or brushes you’ll need to kick off the bedtime routine. Then use your Cushii Baby Lounger as a cozy spot for your bub when they get out of the bath. Simply lay them on a towel on your Cushii Baby Lounger while you are getting them changed. It’ll make for a smooth transition from bath to bed with a happier bub and much happier parents.


#28. Layer cot sheets to deal with blowouts

The last thing you want to do at 3am is scramble for a fresh set of cot sheets to deal with a nappy accident. Simply layer two cot sheets on top of each other with a waterproof layer in between so you can simply strip the dirty one and be done.


30 tried and tested newborn hacks to help you rock life as a new mum


#29. Give our baby nappy-free time to deal with nappy rash

Often the best cure for a bad case of nappy rash is getting rid of the actual problem. Allow your little one nappy-free time to give the rash a break and give bub temporary relief.


#30. Wash baby socks in a mesh bag

Ever wondered where those tiny socks end up and why you’re left with single socks? Simply wash tiny baby socks in a laundry bag so they stick together. Genius!

But the biggest newborn?

Remember to be kind to yourself and take it one day at a time.

Want to make your new mum journey easier?

Check out the Cushii Baby Lounger, the lightweight & portable Baby Lounger to help you rock the daily juggle with your tiny human.



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