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Meet Tencel, Our Sustainable Fabric | Cushii

Meet Tencel, Our Sustainable Fabric | Cushii

The science behind the comfort

Meet our sustainable fabric

At Cushii, we believe in the fusion of comfort, safety, and sustainability. Every choice we make starts with a commitment to the highest sustainable quality for your little ones and our planet.

That’s why we choose Tencel, a fibre that's as gentle on the environment as it is on your baby's skin. And today, we still are the only Australian baby lounger to trust in sustainable, certified Tencel so your bub can lounge in comfort and style without a hint of nasties. There are others available that use Tencel but ours is the only one to be certified, so you can trust in the quality and the production methods that have been used to created it.

As we explore the science and benefits of this remarkable material, you'll discover why we at Cushii are so passionate about it and why it's the chosen fabric for our baby loungers.

What is Tencel?

TENCEL™ is the revolutionary smooth-to-the-touch material that absorbs moisture more efficiently than cotton and helps bub lounge in maximum comfort.

It’s luxurious, yet sustainable and made from a blend of lyocell and modal. These are fibres sourced from the pulp of eucalyptus trees. Tencel is known for exceptional softness, strength, and moisture-wicking abilities, making it the perfect choice for our Cushii Loungers.

But what truly sets Tencel apart is its origin. This luxurious fabric starts its journey in the heart of nature, sourced from the raw material we've been familiar with for millennia: wood. Even better: The wood used to make Tencel comes from sustainably managed Eucalyptus trees miniminsing our environmental impact every step of the way.

Tencel helps Cushii bridge the gap between sustainability and innovation, resulting in a  baby lounger that’s kind on the skin and the world around us.

The science behind Tencel

Free from harsh chemicals
Because TENCEL™ fibres are derived from Eucalyptus trees free from any harmful chemicals, you can trust that your Cushii® baby lounger sets a standard of sustainable & natural comfort unheard of among other baby loungers.

Extreme durability
Between little accidents and daily adventures, baby loungers are put to the test in ways that few other items are. Tencel fibers retain their shape, feel and comfort even after frequent washing. Even with the normal wear and tear of daily use Tencel stays as silky-soft as on day 1.

Better moisture absorption
As an Australina baby lounger brand, we wanted to source materials that are perfectly at home in our harsh Australian climate. Tencel absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton, which means your bub can lounge summer cool and winter cosy at all times, and you can enjoy hands-free moments knowing that bub’s body temperature is regulated in comfort and style.

Silky-soft texture
Your bub deserves the best style and comfort. Tencel fibres by nature have a smooth surface that gives our baby loungers a silk-like feel without the delicate care instructions of genuine silk. We’re calling it: Cushii Loungers are perfect for baby’s sensitive skin!

Sustainable lifecycle
Tencel is sourced from natural materials, which makes it biodegradable and compostable. And that means your bub can lounge without having a lasting impact on our planet.

Non-toxic production
Unlike traditional production methods that often release harmful chemicals into the environment, Tence’s approach is different. Over 99% of the of the non-toxic solvents is captured, recycled and reintroduced into the production cycle. This not only preserves resources but follows a process that’s in sync with nature.

Certified value chain
The certified Tencel we use for our Cushii Lounger comes with strict checks of the entire value chain so you can trust the superior quality and sustainable processes as part of your purchase. And our Loungers have a swing tag to guarantee just that!

If you want to choose sustainability, innovation and superior comfort for your bub, then check out our range of light-weight and portable Cushii Loungers.

 Cushii uses Tencel for its baby loungers and shares the science and benefits behind this sustainable fabric

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- Chloe K
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