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13 eco-friendly baby shower gifts for the conscious mum


We’ve all done it: Resorted to yet another newborn suit as a baby shower gift. They’re cute and they’re easy to come by. They’re the easy way out. One thing we absolutely love is the rising popularity of eco-friendly baby shower gifts that not only make #mumlife easier but consider the bigger impact on the environment. This new trend is all about conscious shopping from local brands who are doing the right thing by everyone. 

We’ve compiled a few of our favourite Australian eco-friendly brands who care about tiny humans as much as the planet and minimising their impact. Check them out: 

Bubba Organics

Baby skin needs extra gentle care, especially during the first few months. One of our favourite newborn skincare brands is award-winning Bubba Organics. Their natural product range is locally produced in Melbourne and uses a beautiful mix of pure and organic ingredients. The products soothe sensitive baby skin without added water or hidden nasties so you can be confident you’re doing the right thing.

Our 13 eco-friendly baby shower gifts for the conscious mum
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Australian-owned ergoPouch is known as the leader for organic baby and toddler sleep products. Their baby swaddles, sleeping bags and sleep suits are made from skin-friendly natural breathable fibres such as organic cotton and bamboo. We love the ergoPouch range for the ergonomic shape which supports hip development and scored them an official “hip-healthy” recognition by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. 

Our 13 eco-friendly baby shower gifts for the conscious mum

Mama Body Tea

This one’s for the mum-to-be. Because she’s just as deserving of presents as bub. Mama Body Tea is an Australian organic and caffeine-free herbal tea range aimed to comfort new mums throughout pregnancy, breastfeeding and motherhood. The range features nourishing, chemical-free and natural organic blends that you can enjoy in all stages of the pregnancy journey without having to worry about the impact on your tiny human.

Our 13 eco-friendly baby shower gifts for the conscious mum

Love Mae

Byron Bay-based kids brand Love Mae has been a staple on the conscious Australian design scene for years and is a popular eco-friendly baby shower gift choice for a good reason. This brand is famous for bamboo dinnerware that’s not only super cute, but functional. Bamboo is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic or melamine and will please your tiny human and the planet.

Our 13 eco-friendly baby shower gifts for the conscious mum


This one’s at the top of the eco-friendly baby shower gift list for us. Why not introduce a mama muse to the pleasures of eco-friendly nappies that challenge the status-quo? Australian family brand Ecoriginals uses plant-based ingredients to produce Australia’s only eco nappy rigorously tested by the CSIRO. These nappies take only 6 months to biodegrade and are free from chlorine, dioxins, phthalates, fragrances, latex and heavy metal. It turns out here are REAL alternatives out there that aren’t cloth nappies. Pretty cool, right? 

Our 13 eco-friendly baby shower gifts for the conscious mum

We Might Be Tiny

Here’s another contender for most stylish dinnerware gift. We Might Be Tiny is a Melbourne-designed range of silicone dinnerware that’s as cute as a button. These products are a sustainable and conscious alternative for the modern mum looking for stylish solutions you don’t have to hide when your sisterhood comes over for a playdate. All products are free from nasties, super durable and feature the cutest characters that will make mealtime fun for everyone. Oh, and they’re microwave and dishwasher-safe, which means you can simply forget about the mess and let someone else take care of cleaning!

Our 13 eco-friendly baby shower gifts for the conscious mum



There’s something special about treating yourself and bub to little luxuries in the first few months. Aromababy is a stunning range of Australian-made natural and organic skincare for the glowing mum and her tiny human. The entire range is free from petrochemicals, sulphates, parabens, artificial fragrances and other nasties you wouldn’t want anywhere near you or bub. Aromababy products are made from plant-based oils and extracts that are designed to care for sensitive skin and give you that moment of luxury among the juggle of #mumlife.

Our 13 eco-friendly baby shower gifts for the conscious mum


Making memories from that very first interaction with your tiny human is so special. When we came across Australian brand BABYink we just knew we had to share it with the Cushii community. This is a genius mess-free and safe way to capture little hand and footprints from birth when they’re still all wrinkly and to-die-for. BABYink uses a combination of wipe and special paper that magically makes tiny foot and handprints come to life. What a special gift for a new mumma.

Our 13 eco-friendly baby shower gifts for the conscious mum

Make Me Iconic

If there’s one brand that captures the Australian spirit and manages to bring it to, then it’s hands down Make Me Iconic. This brand works with young, local designers in Melbourne and Sydney to bring Australia to life in the cutest wooden toys that you’ll be able to hand down to the next generation. The range features toy versions of the iconic Melbourne Tram, a Sydney Ferry and even an Australian Ute without any lead paint in sight. And  3% go to charity so you can feel even better about your purchase. We love it!

Our 13 eco-friendly baby shower gifts for the conscious mum

itti bitti

Cloths nappies are quite an investment as an expecting mum so can be a great eco-friendly baby shower gift for the sisterhood. When it comes to local Australian-owned options, you simply can’t go past itti bitti. Their multi-award-winning design makes this one-size-fits-most reusable nappy the prefect choice. It grows with your tiny human well into the toddler years, which means you don’t have to upgrade as your baby grows. Clever design for the win!

Our 13 eco-friendly baby shower gifts for the conscious mum

Little Wiwa

Any new mum needs a quality playmat. And this one by Melbourne family business Little Wiwa is a winner. It’s waterproof, reversible and made from 100% sustainable and non-toxic TPU foam. Without any PVC, BPA or latex in sight, they’re the safe choice for your little one. And to top it off, Little Wiwa playmats are waterproof, which means they’re super easy to clean. What a great gift option for any new mum!

Our 13 eco-friendly baby shower gifts for the conscious mum
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Cleaning products might not be up there with the sexiest gift options but welcoming a baby into your life makes you seriously reconsider the products you use around the house. KOALA ECO is an Australian family business that uses the power of essential oils from native Australian plants in their powerful antimicrobial cleaning range. KOALA ECO products are eco-friendly and ethical without animal testing, nasty chemicals or synthetic fragrances that can harm your little one. All while killing 99.9% of germs!

Our 13 eco-friendly baby shower gifts for the conscious mum



And of course, there’s our very own portable Cushii Lounger. It’s locally designed and made for Australian families who want to keep their tiny human summer cool and winter cozy. It’s the only baby lounger on the market made of premium sustainable TENCEL™ fibres, the revolutionary smooth-to-the-touch material that absorbs moisture more efficiently than cotton and helps bub lounge in maximum comfort in any temperature. It’s free from harsh chemicals or toxins and uses 100% recycled polyester fibres as fill so you can give your bub and the planet the best go at a sustainable future.

You can shop the Cushii Loungerhere.

Our 13 eco-friendly baby shower gifts for the conscious mum

Best thing ever! I absolutely love this and would highly recommend!!!

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