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The Only Baby Nursery Checklist You’ll Ever Need

The Only Baby Nursery Checklist You’ll Ever Need


Everyone has got a different take on shopping for a new tiny human when there really are just a few basics you’ll actually need to set you and your baby up for the best start to your parenting journey.

We’ve compiled the only Baby Nursery Checklist you’ll ever need to take the guesswork out of shopping for all the essentials. This is all you need before your bub turns your life upside down. In a good way!


A safe space to sleep

Baby’s safety during shut eye is one of the most important aspects to tick off your list. There is a huge choice of options out there, so sit down with your partner and work out what works best for you among the many brands, options and solutions out there.

All you need to get started are:

  • Acot (or bassinet)
  • A mattress that fits your cot (or the bassinet) snug as a bug
  • A fitted sheet (and at least one spare for those overnight accidents)
  • A waterproof mattress protector (again for those mighty accidents)
  • Your favourite swaddle (and a spare) so you can comfort your babe in the early days


Keeping your babe sparkly clean and smelling fresh as a daisy

You can get somewhat carried away with hygiene and bathing accessories that take up all the space and really are only practical for a very limited amount of time. So we’ve cut down that list for you and weeded out any of the non-essentials. Bye bye, baby bath! Because a regular bath works a treat.

Here’s how you get yourself a squeaky clean baby:

  • A large baby towel with a hood (and a spare) that will fit your baby for a long time to come
  • 1 pack of newborn Nappies (because those tiny humans grow super quickly)
  • Muslin wraps, lovingly referred to as spew cloths, are handy to have while feeding
  • Nappy wipes, because you’ll need a lot
  • A change table ideally with storage for all the nappy change essentials


Practical (and safe) outings with babe

Taking your new baby places can be a logistical nightmare. But there are some baby essentials that can make a real difference to outings and turn them into a walk in the park.

Our 101 of baby logistics:

  • Rear-facing car seat to keep bub safe and secure from A to B
  • A baby capsule (which is non-essential, but gets a mention, because we’re big believers in practicality when moving bub in comfort and convenience)
  • A decent-sized mum bag for all the baby items that are a must on outings (opt for a bag that suits your style and you can keep using as a handbag once you no longer need nappies with you)
  • A pram or stroller. Make sure you test-drive different models so you can work out your favourite option among the million of choices.
  • A portableCushii Lounger to make the daily juggle of #mumlife so much easier. Simply take your babe with you wherever you go knowing that they lounge in comfort in your sight while you’ve got two hands to get on with things.

Dressing your baby

It’s tempting to go overboard while pregnant and stock up on cute dresses that never surface because they’re so impractical. And keep in mind that people love gifting cute baby clothes as a baby shower and newborn gift.

That’s why we recommend having a few basics on hand before your baby arrives and then sussing out what else you really need once babe’s here. Babies grow very quickly so will outgrow their newborn clothes surprisingly fast.

All your baby needs first up is:

  • A handful of newborn baby singlets (because layering is key to a happy baby)
  • A handful of short-sleeved baby suits
  • A handful of long-sleeved baby suits
  • A few pairs of baby socks that keep those tiny toes cozy

Feeding the beast

As a new mum you’ll spend most of your time feeding your baby. They’re hungry. All the time. How you feed your newborn baby is entirely up to you. That’s why we’ve compiled the basics for bottle and breast feeding for you.

Give me the food, mumma:

  • For breastfeeding mums:
    • Breastpads (because it takes time to adjust to the changing appetite of your babe)
    • A breast pump (only if you choose to bottle feed occasionally when out and about)
    • Nipple cream (for those early days where both you and your bub are getting used to breastfeeding)
  • For bottle feeding mums:
    • A set of newborn bottles
    • Bottle cleaning equipment
    • A breast pump (if you choose to do both) 

The nice-to-haves

Now that we’ve covered the bare essentials we move onto handy things to have that can make your life a little easier and #mumlife more manageable.

I’m all ears for options extras:

  • An infrared thermometer that quickly measures your babe’s temperature without upsetting
  • A baby monitor that allows you to get on with things while baby sleeps and lets you keep a close eye on things
  • A reusable change mat for when out and about so that you can hygienically change bub wherever you are
  • A sunshade for your baby’s car window to block out those bright UV rays (especially in summer)

Of course needs and budgets are very different. That’s why we totally recommend working out what’s right for you. 


Best thing ever! I absolutely love this and would highly recommend!!!

- Chloe K
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